Project Description

Holistic evaluation of product lifecycle management solutions and deployment planning to support a highly unique product development environment and culture.

The Client

A high-end retailer of women’s apparel and accessories featuring bright, vibrant colors and unique, custom prints.

PLM Solution Assessment and Selection

The Challenge

The retailer was using an outdated product development management (PDM) system that had very basic functionality. As such, much of the product development process was performed outside the system. Tracking samples, submits, and costing in spreadsheets resulted in minimal visibility into status and delays in the product development process.

Further, the company’s unique practice of hand-painting their hallmark material prints was the basis of all product development. The client needed a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that could incorporate their complex print process into product development as well as improve visibility and data integrity.

The Parker Avery Solution

Parker Avery used a combination of different evaluation methods to determine the best software solution for the client’s unique development process. Initially, the team interviewed representatives across the company’s business areas to thoroughly understand current business processes, requirements, and pain points. This discovery information was used to drive subsequent development of the request for information (RFI) as well as high-level agendas for introductory demonstrations with each of the vendors.

The client’s business representatives scored the solutions based on the initial, free-form demonstrations and vendor RFI responses. Using functional weightings provided by the business, Parker Avery assessed the results and helped the client determine a short list of PLM solution providers. A “Day in the Life” script was created to guide full-day demos.

Parker Avery was responsible for all phases of the project:

  • Discovery/stakeholder interviews
  • Requirements definition
  • RFI creation, distribution and assessment
  • Communication liaison between client and vendors
  • Development of detailed demo scripts
  • Demonstration scoring assembly/analysis
  • Deployment strategy recommendation

The Result

Based on Parker Avery’s analysis, and with unanimous agreement between IT and the business, the client was able to select a new PLM solution that best fit their unique requirements.

Once the new system is implemented, the client expects to realize product development efficiencies through the use of a central repository of information, more streamlined business processes, and significantly better integration with other systems— enhancing future growth opportunities while minimizing risk.

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