Project Description

Out-of-the-Box PLM Implementation

Realities and Considerations

The combination of the time, investment, and resource commitment traditionally required for a successful PLM implementation often results in a reluctance to move forward.

To combat the inertia of companies unwilling or unable to pull the trigger on new product lifecycle management (PLM) initiatives, product development software providers have sought to find ways to reduce the time and cost associated with PLM projects and speed up the realization of value. The result has been marketing campaigns centered on preconfigured or “out-of-the-box” PLM implementation.

Over the past 10 years, the PLM software market has matured significantly, and PLM solutions have been proven to drive substantial benefits. However, the need to devote substantial time and resources, coupled with the financial investment required for successful implementations, have made it difficult to get a PLM initiative to the top of the priority list for all but the largest of companies, despite the ROI these initiatives can expect to generate.

In this point of view, Parker Avery sheds light on:

  • What it truly means to implement an OOTB PLM system
  • The type of organization OOTB PLM for which is best suited (it’s not for every organization)
  • How companies can best leverage PLM systems to fit their unique needs

Historical PLM Initiatives

Recently, many retail companies have taken advantage of the maturing nature of the PLM software