Project Description

Conducting an organizational alignment diagnostic to enable articulation, comprehension, and realization of strategic goals

The Client

A major telecommunications company with over 100 million subscribers and operating over 21,000 retail outlets comprised of direct-owned, exclusive third-party, and non-exclusive third-party locations

The Challenge

The client faced massive changes from several different angles. After recently completing a major acquisition and implementing the subsequent reorganization, the company was grappling with a global pandemic that continued to significantly impact customers, associates, and leadership.

A specific function of the company needed to pinpoint issues that prevented the organization from operating as an efficient, collaborative team. Further, they wished to establish a shared language and common understanding of how best to achieve the team’s objectives and goals.

The Parker Avery Group was engaged to conduct a preliminary organizational alignment diagnostic.

The Parker Avery Solution

Parker Avery’s organizational alignment diagnostic included conducting over 30 interviews, administering an anonymous survey to impacted individuals, and facilitating several intensive workshops.  Three internal cross-functional peer advisory groups were formed to gather insights and source solutions for the following focus areas:

  • Clarification of roles, responsibilities, and process handoffs
  • Establishment of communication standards for meetings, email, and other messaging
  • Reinvigoration of a formalized work intake process to help better prioritize and manage job activities for the entire team

The initiative was supported by a program governance team, who were empowered to provide guidance and consent.  With the governance team in place, the advisory groups worked in an agile manner, iterating ideas into solutions.  Over the course of twelve weeks, The Parker Avery Group facilitated weekly work sessions with each peer-advisory group to navigate them through the ideation, recommendation, and refinement of their respective solutions.

Additionally, Parker Avery provided proactive risk mitigation plans and tactics to minimize potential roadblocks.

The Result

The effort allowed Parker Avery and the client to collaboratively build the needed programs by leveraging the client team’s expertise and insight. Ultimately, Parker Avery guided the client in identifying and crafting their own solutions. This client-steered approach ensured a sense of team ownership and commitment as well as minimized the “change resistance” factor. The organization is prepared to implement new ways of working as a cohesive, effective team.

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