Fifteen Years of Relationships, Partnerships, and Gratitude

Fifteen Years of Relationships, Partnerships, and Gratitude

As we near the holiday season and round the corner on another year, we are again thankful across many dimensions. Top of mind, 2022 marked The Parker Avery Group’s fifteenth year as a consulting firm. It is almost surreal to grasp all we’ve experienced and how much our company has grown since our beginnings back in 2007.

The Parker Avery Group began as a handful of industry experts in Atlanta joining forces to build consulting relationships with select retailers based on trust and mutual respect. Over a decade and a half, we have grown to a firm whose consulting team spans the United States, along with professionals in Eastern Europe and India.

Assuredly, we would not be the firm we are today without our team’s strength and unparalleled commitment to excellence, Parker Avery’s client relationships, and the many partnerships we have developed over these fifteen years.

Client Relationships

We are grateful for our many long-lasting relationships with global retail and consumer brand companies. These strong associations, representing nearly 80 major consumer logos, continue to be developed and strengthened through mutual trust and respect. I am humbled by the fact that our team is often approached by industry peers to address their company’s most pressing needs based on our track record of delivering material results. I am grateful for our team of consulting professionals, and I am proud that they work relentlessly to deliver meaningful client value. Our team’s devotion to our clients, along with our tailored approach to client initiatives and successful outcomes, are unparalleled.

Team Expansion

The feeling of gratitude for our consultants extends to the addition of our analytics team during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and continued expansion thereafter. While many viewed this as a risky gamble during a period of such unknowns, we understood the importance of infusing analytics across every aspect of a retailer and consumer brand’s business model. Sam Iosevich and the rest of the team have quickly evolved our Enterprise Intelligence analytics platform into a solution that is now used by some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands. Our advanced analytics competency is well-integrated with our traditional process improvement and organizational change services, differentiating our offering from our competitors and providing Parker Avery clients with an unparalleled set of unified capabilities.