Deanna Emsley

Senior Director

Whether on the water or traveling the globe, Deanna has never shied away from a challenge—which helps explain her 30-year career in retail.

As a career-long retailer, Deanna has had the opportunity to work with more than 100 retailers worldwide on a wide variety of transformational programs. With extensive experience in both technology and business leadership roles, Deanna is often leveraged as a “decoder ring” between the business and IT teams, to ensure that both groups are heard and understood. Deanna is a business process junkie with a proven ability to simplify processes in order to clarify which activities do – and do not – add meaningful value toward retailers’ core business objectives. When Deanna isn’t traveling across the country to tackle tough retail problems, she spends as much time outside as possible in the San Juan Islands (in WA state), where she lives with her husband and their two English Mastiffs.

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