Supply Chain Consulting Services

Strengthen your supply chain capabilities with better strategies, efficient processes, and modern technology.

It is imperative that retailers and consumer brands continually improve forecasting and visibility, along with managing risk across the supply chain to drive revenue, margin, and operating efficiencies. This involves designing uniform, best-practice supply chain processes utilizing common systems to streamline logistics, achieve greater efficiencies, and reduce supply chain costs.

Parker Avery helps companies improve their supply chain capabilities from initial sourcing through fulfillment to the end consumer. Our hands-on experience evaluating and implementing solutions from IBM, JDA, Logility, Manhattan Associates, Oracle, SAP, and other providers gives us deep insight into industry leading practices and solutions for our clients.

Demand Forecasting

Our objective is to vastly improve our clients’ forecast accuracy, minimize exceptions, and optimize sales.

We implement solutions and design the business processes and organizational roles to most effectively adopt new forecasting tools and skills.

Further, we provide several implementation alternatives for Parker Avery’s advanced analytics-driven demand platform to address a client’s appetite to absorb new forecasting approaches and their level of sophistication.


Product Development and Sourcing

We support initiatives and strategies throughout the entire product lifecycle, from initial product inception through detailed design, vendor identification, sampling, costing, and product adoption. We help reduce product development timelines and align them with merchandising calendars, enable collaboration with key trading partners, and focus event management on key pre-production and production milestones. Further, Parker Avery focuses on optimizing sourcing, collaborating with vendors, and identifying enabling tools to improve the quality and execution of bringing new products to market.