Andrii Berdnikov

Analytics Consultant​

Andrii applies an equally focused and experienced approach to both endurance swimming and his work in advanced analytics, resulting in enviable achievements in both competencies.

Joining The Parker Avery Group in early 2022, Andrii brings with him more than 15 years of data analytics experience, contributing to large-scale research projects for clients and in academia. Andrii’s approach to analytics combines computational and statistical methods with rigorous theoretical analysis of mathematical models used to describe the problem. He holds a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee as well as two master’s degrees, one in Pure Mathematics (Analytical Number Theory) and another in Applied (Interior Point Methods). Andrii enjoys swimming whenever he has time for it. In 2020, the same year he finished and defended his doctoral dissertation, Andrii swam more than 500 miles in open water (not counting pools).

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