Demand Forecasting: The Heart of Tailored Intelligence

Parker Avery’s Tailored Intelligence array of services merges the power of advanced analytics demand forecasting with deep industry expertise to enable your organization to make better cross-functional decisions.  Our demand forecasting platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a significantly improved demand signal that adapts to real-time changes.

Our best-in-class analytics platform uses sophisticated data hygiene processes such as product lineage, cannibalization effects, new product/store modeling, and reconciliation of demand across hierarchy and geography for all enterprise functions.  The platform’s open source architecture enables a cloud deployable framework and is based on Python / Spark / TensorFlow.  Further, our highly scalable platform is designed to process hundreds of millions of time series quickly and efficiently.

Demand Intelligence

Parker Avery’s Demand Intelligence software platform is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled demand planning solution that drives highly accurate forecasting and optimizes inventory planning.

Our intuitive, workflow-guided solution promotes visibility and collaboration throughout the organization. The platform applies seamlessly to today’s changing environment, helping mitigate retail and consumer goods inventory and planning challenges quickly and cost-effectively.


Tailored Intelligence

Our advanced analytics demand forecasting solution goes far beyond the technology by tailoring business process changes, role adjustments, and change management to ensure successful adoption by your organization.

Parker Avery’s Tailored Intelligence array of services focuses on three areas:

Demonstrated Benefits

Our Demand Intelligence solution is not a typical retail demand forecasting system and does not entail a lengthy implementation. Parker Avery’s team of analytics professionals and experienced consultants work with your business to drive actionable forecasts and meaningful results in as few as eight weeks:

  • Improved sales and margin
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Trend adaptive forecast
  • Better service level attainment
  • Improved demand visibility

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